Steps on How to Start Creative Blogging As a Tool to Grow Your Business


As a mompreneur I understand the importance in finding balance in your life and in your work

Mavens, I know that blogging is one of the significant challenges you face in your business. I was also just like you when I started mine not too long ago.

In contrast, as you go along, it is thrilling to enter the fantastic blogging world.

If you think of it, a blog is your personal internet space where you can honestly express yourself while spreading awareness of your brand and, if you are fortunate enough, maybe earn money. Numerous tools are available online to assist you in your endeavor: platforms, themes, plugins, and guidelines. However, it is easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of a new project and overlook one minor detail.

You’re still not exceptional.

I know this hits hard, but it will require more than a catchy brand and sharp content to succeed. It will require a mental shift.

Make this your slogan from now on. You are about to launch your blog as a women entrepreneur. The drive is more than expressing yourself. Instead, it would be best if you affect your customers’ perspectives or preferences. Set yourself distinct and get off to a good start by structuring it like a business. Take your blogging to a higher level, ladies. Consider it one of your business plans that will surely pay as time passes.

Starting A Creative Blog

Starting A Creative Blog

The most challenging aspect of blogging is finding the time and inspiration to do it regularly. However, getting started is relatively simple.


I will be sharing the steps I follow in starting a blog with the potential to become a business tool to grow my business as a women entrepreneur:


  • First, choose a unique topic for your blog.

  • Next, decide on a domain name for your blog.

  • Next, select a blogging platform and a design template.

  • Next, find a way to monetize your blog.

  • Encourage people to read your blog regularly.

  • Make a publication strategy.


I know that looks tiring already. But do not worry; I will walk you through every step. Let’s do this together.

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1.) Choose a niche for your blog: What will be your “thing”?

Your chosen topic is crucial because it will affect how you approach your audience and the revenue for your business. Plus, it is

a platform for your audience to receive a continuous stream of content ideas.

 Here is a variety of ways to accomplish it:

  • Concentrate on a single topic

  • Concentrate on a subset of a more significant category (e.g., not just time management tips, but time management tips as a woman entrepreneur.)

  • Deliver your stuff in a unique voice or style (e.g., friendly, humor)

  • Compete on quality (for example, in-depth posts on a topic no one wants to tackle).

Consider what products or services this target market might be interested in purchasing from what you can offer based on what you have written on your blog. It is an essential strategy when selecting a niche for your site.

2.) Select a Domain Name for Your Blog

When looking for a domain name, think about what you want to call your website. Choose a name that is distinctive, easy to type, and has not been adopted by another entity—looking for inspiration? Then, I would be more than willing to help you out.


I would not suggest using your identity as your custom domain unless you are trying to construct a personal blog or a portfolio site. Even if your unique name is not in the URL, you may still be the face of the blog, and it is a lot simpler to develop a lasting brand when you come up with a clever moniker that embodies your purpose.

When choosing a domain name, keep the following in mind:

  • Memorable

  • It’s amusing to say

  • Simple to pronounce

  • Unique

It can be challenging to develop a name for your blog, but a firm brand name leaves a lasting impact on visitors and lets them know what to anticipate from your business.


Follow my easy steps to get your creative blog started.

3.) Select a Blogging Platform and a Design Template.

Before writing your first blog article, you must arrange your blog hosting and content management system. If you are not sure which platform to invest your time and money in, this is where many would-be writers get stuck.


The decision is usually between a self-hosted and a hosted platform:


  • Self-hosted. These platforms usually provide more customization possibilities, but you’ll still have to pay a monthly subscription to host the site yourself, and it’ll take some time to get it up and running.


  • Hosted. Numerous web hosting firms can assist you in getting started right now. Blogger and, for example, are both free.


Consider the future and how you wish to monetize your site when selecting a platform. Not all venues will provide you with what you need, but some will give you far more than you require.


A “theme” is just a design, layout, and feature template for a blog that aids in creating a website. Your site’s architecture can affect your blog material’s search engine optimization (SEO) and engagement metrics. Readers make fast decisions about a site’s trustworthiness based on its appearance and feel.


So Mavens, make sure it is bound to interest them with arts and crafts and design, from the speedy load time to the soft hues and playful graphics.


Maven Society Media offers website and blog design as well as hosting that you can trust. If you would like more details please check out our website design options here or contact us directly with any questions you might have.

Maven Society Media designs and builds SEO performing websites

4.) Figure a Way to Monetize your Blog.

Ladies, this does not necessarily mean you can earn directly from writing brand articles- yes, that can happen over time. However, monetizing your blog could also mean getting clients from your content who will eventually buy your products and services.


The truth is that there are better and faster ways to make money with your blog than relying on a large number of daily page views. But, of course, this is only possible if you cultivate a loyal following rather than a large one.


You can earn money by blogging in the following ways:

  • Selling tangible things relevant to your target markets, such as furniture, wall paintings, and many more.

  • Selling digital products such as resumes, images, or designs you generate once and then resell.

  • Selling money-making services such as writing, consulting, design, or other hobbies.


More than producing money, your target audience and how you will serve them will be your most crucial consideration.

Make money blogging

5.) Maximize Blog Exposure Daily

As soon as appropriate, begin gathering emails.


It would be best if you keep your focus on growing email subscribers regardless of your posting platform. Every new subscriber indicates that you are on the right track and a prospective repeat reader that can be reached quickly.


Your email list will follow you even if you change platforms or start something new in the future. However, simply having a subscriber list is insufficient. You must always capture these emails, which you may achieve via contact forms.


Pro Tip: Remember that if you do not invite and make it difficult for readers to subscribe to your blog, they will not. And you and your blog will miss out on the opportunity to grow.


  • Look for ways to increase your search engine traffic.

You may obtain an idea of how much search volume there is for specific search queries in your niche by doing keyword research; the greater the number, the stronger the demand for a topic and the more long-term traffic you may produce.


Even if you don’t rank on the top page of Google, you’ll have a content idea that has a proven audience. However, you can learn more about SEO to reach for the stars. (winks)


  • Create a social media plan.

Being on every social networking platform may appear wise, but managing it becomes challenging and isn’t always beneficial.


Instead, concentrate your efforts on the channels where your target audience spends the most time. Naturally, your channel selection will vary depending on your niche and resources.


Friendly reminder: Don’t forget about your networks—friends and family make excellent early audiences.


  • Reduce, Reuse, and Resurface your Blog 

Lovelies, I know how impossible it is to publish substantial daily posts. However, to get the most mileage out of their content, a savvy blogger knows how to reuse and repurpose it. 


 Time is money, and you are blogging for your business. Therefore, you need to maximize the return on your investment.


  • Utilize analytics to comprehend your target market.


Ladies, your data contains the best possibilities.


It would be best if you had various measurements to look at according to the platform you choose, so at least you can see the number of views and where your visitors are coming from, which may tell you a lot about your effectiveness.


Bloggers can also utilize data to their advantage. For example, demonstrating how much traffic you generate is a valuable asset that encourages others to collaborate with you or acquire access to your audience.

Involvement is the Key in Content Marketing.

6.) Make a Publication Campaign.

Plan out your blog entries at least a month ahead of time, and stick to a consistent publishing schedule, so your audience knows when to anticipate new information.


Keep in mind that your audience will not grow overnight. You will have some successes and some failures, but you must keep going to progress.


Maven, as tough a challenge this may seem, remember that blogging is not only enjoyable and rewarding but is also one of several routes to promote your brand. You can establish a valued audience that can power up your business in the long run if you think like an entrepreneur when you start your blog and aspire to high growth.


Start building your blog today! 


I would be delighted to hear your story and share your struggle. I invite you to a free discovery call. 


You can also follow us on our social media platforms @mavensocietycommunity on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.


You are starting a breakthrough, and I am already proud of you!




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As a mompreneur I understand the importance in finding balance in your life and in your work
Keep in touch!
What interests you?
Congrats you are now a Maven!  Keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days I will be sending you some goodies.  I am so proud of you for putting YOU first.  Welcome girl!


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