10 Blogs for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

by | Aug 5, 2022 | ARTICLES

As a mompreneur I understand the importance in finding balance in your life and in your work

Women are stepping outside rather than staying indoors and doing housework. Mavens, I can see you. As a result, we are advancing in the industry and building our empires more quickly and brilliantly.


Are you currently working on launching your women-owned business? Or perhaps you are an expert in a specific industry seeking new information? Whatever your circumstance, women in business gain from continually networking with other like minded women. But as a busy business owner, you undoubtedly need quick access to the tools and resources when you are on the move! 


Reading small business blogs has for a long time now been a way for me to connect with other female entrepreneurs and to keep up with recent trends. I have found these blogs are an excellent source for all of us businesswomen looking for support, guidance, or a sense of community.


And of course I am going to share it with all my favorite Maven, YOU!  Here are my top 12 blogs I have compiled exclusively for you, ladies.  

* I am not an affiliate with any of these blogs just one’s I enjoy and wanted to share with you


1.) Work at Home Woman

The Work At Home Woman Blog

This site, created by mom and entrepreneur Holly Reisem Hanna, encourages women to pursue successful jobs without leaving the house. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, plenty of workplaces have adapted to remote operations, making this content very helpful this time.

2.) Female Entrepreneur Association

The Female Entrepreneur Association

The Female Entrepreneur Association is a global online community for women entrepreneurs. Carrie Green, the founder of the female entrepreneur association blog, writes the blogs. Her goal is to share her experiences as a successful entrepreneur who struggled to achieve financial independence.


She frequently includes videos on the site to let readers hear from Carrie directly. In addition, she founded an online support system to find out how other women maintain motivation in their entrepreneurial journeys.

3.) She Owns It

She Owns It Blog

This business blog’s positive outlook will motivate you to develop as a female entrepreneur. “Celebrating, supporting, and connecting women entrepreneurs” is their manifesto.


This blog covers a variety of subjects, such as goal-setting guidance and how-to articles from accomplished business figures. She Owns It is open to all entrepreneurs, not just established women. They also appeal to hopeful female entrepreneurs who have not yet ventured into business ownership.

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4.) Classy Career Girl

Classy Career Girl

An online learning program called Classy Career Girl helps women advance their careers. They offer training to assist women looking for work or wanting to launch a new business.


The originator, Anna Runyan, had a central location where women could find all they required, from a career to a sense of harmony in their lives. With people from all around the world, it is a global community with membership options, blogs, and podcasts. The podcast features interviews, success stories, training sessions, and other motivating topics. The blogs address job hunting, online business, leadership, social networking, and finances.

5.) Woman 2.0

Women 2.0 Blog

Women 2.0 was founded to “take and support direct action around justice and equality, not merely advance the discourse.”


You may find posts on a variety of subjects on the Women 2.0 blog, including:


  • Investing

  • Fundraising

  • Startups

  • Technology

  • Occupational trends

Women 2.0 also offers services for companies, including a job board and training programs that are helpful to both employers and employees.

6.) Ladies Make Money

Ladies Make Money Blog

Ladies Make Money is a manual for ladies looking to work from home. This site is fantastic for women trying to generate Money in creative industries due to the rise of remote employment. Ladies Make Money makes it feasible, whether you want to work overseas or find strategies to strengthen your financial situation. It is also an excellent tool for launching and developing your successful blog.

7.) Women Featured in Forbes


If one publication is almost a byword for business in America, it would be Forbes magazine and Forbes.com, the magazine’s online equivalent.


To highlight female business leaders “who are starting, starting over, and sharing their success,” Forbes created the Women@Forbes section.


Check out their Self-Made Women section to learn and be as inspired as I am by the prosperous women featured here.

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8.) Women Who Start-Up

Women Who Start-UP Blog

This platform aims to give female inventors and entrepreneurs devoted to starting successful businesses “collaboration and quick learning.”


They provide monthly virtual networking events in addition to their blog and other benefits for their subscribers.


9.) Women On Business

Women On Business

Susan Gunelius, who has more than 20 years of expertise in the marketing industry, launched Women on Business. It strives to promote conversation among corporate thinking leaders, both male and female.


The most significant piece of advice I can give women in business is to get out of their way, according to the creator, Susan. Don’t allow anxiety, uncertainty, or modesty to stand in your way. Own your knowledge and ambition instead.

10.) Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneur Blog

If you currently frequent Entrepreneur.com, you’ve undoubtedly seen their section on female business owners. They provide everything in this category, from “how-to” articles to individual video interviews with prominent business figures like Bobbi Brown.

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As a mompreneur I understand the importance in finding balance in your life and in your work
Keep in touch!
What interests you?
Congrats you are now a Maven!  Keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days I will be sending you some goodies.  I am so proud of you for putting YOU first.  Welcome girl!


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