9 Never-Go-Out-Of-Style Giveaway Ideas to Promote Your Business


As a mompreneur I understand the importance in finding balance in your life and in your work

Mavens, are you stuck lately on how you can maximize your audience reach through your marketing strategies?


Offer or Promotional Marketing is more than just a showing off your brand, products, and services. This type of marketing allows your customers to experience a part of your business you are promoting for Free or Discounted price.


Did you know that giveaways of promotional products are an excellent method to raise brand awareness, increase sales, and attract new and existing consumers?


If you are running email marketing or considering adding it to your business’s marketing strategy, these offers are an easy way to grow your subscriber list quickly.  The reality is that product freebies are effective and will remain to be over the coming years. The key to producing the results you dream of is being consistent.


I want you to have the success you dream of; I put together my top nine never-go-out-of-style giveaway ideas to promote your business.


Let's Talk Giveaways and Promoting Your Business

1.) Discount Coupons

I love me a good discount! Don’t you, Maven?


You cannot say no to a coupon, especially for a quality product.


So here’s how you can give away coupons and create a contest for your audience to enter to win a voucher or promo code using your business’s social media networks.


5%-15% are okay offers; however, if you can get comfortable with 20-25%, these discount numbers bring in much higher results.

*If you are just starting out, give what you can and work up to these higher numbers.

First-time customers will be more likely to buy and use your products if you provide coupons. Promo codes create a perfect opportunity for your audience to start experiencing your services and products. It is also a fantastic method to invite people to look at what else your company has to offer.

2.) Photo Competition

For giveaway submissions, text entries work well, but images take it to another level. Visual entries have a unique and attractive quality to them.

A photo contest will allow you to see a different perspective from your customers: the audience that supports your company daily!


This type of Contest can be sponsored on Facebook or Instagram.


One of my favorite ways of doing this is with User Generated Content (UGC).  You set up the rules of the campaign by requesting that your audience post a photo of themselves with your product and answer your chosen question. Like, “how does my product make your life better?”

This idea is a testimony slash competition event. Friends, this is hitting two birds at the same time! 😉😉😉


Plot twist: Combine the photo contest with your hashtag contest, and have your entrants include the #giveawayname you came up with in their caption for an extra entry!

Don't underestimate the power of your audience

3.) Hashtag Contest

In the growing digital world we have in front of us as business owners, including social media in your giveaway strategy and approach seems to be a no-brainer.


Offering a coupon via social media is fantastic, but if you want to level up your campaign, I love sponsoring a hashtag competition! Make a clever #giveawayname that relates to your company and #brand, and invite your audience to use it in their posts.


A hashtag competition will allow you to track your social media engagement and raise brand awareness. It is also fabulous for fostering a sense of community among your fans! But, again, marketing is more than just a show-off.  

Whichever of these 9 suggestions set it in motion and keep it consistent!

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4.) Gift Cards

Gift cards, like specialized giveaway ideas, are still a popular opt-in for promotional gifts.


They are easy to operate, and everyone enjoys using them.


If you don’t have them in your business yet, grab one from somewhere your audience will enjoy using it.  Like your Amazon favorites list!

You can get many of these for your giveaway, which is a terrific approach to boost sales and promote awareness for your brand.


You also know that those who participate for a chance to win a gift card are either returning customers or potential new leads from your audience interested in your products and services.

5.) Theme-Related Giveaways

Some giveaway ideas never-go-out of style, and offering a themed prize is one of them!


A bundle of related and beneficial items to your audience is irresistible to customers. If you have not tried this offer before, I recommend giving it a try when there is a holiday or season celebration, allowing your theme-related giveaways or discounts some extra exposure.


It often feels more substantial than a special prize and can help your audience feel special, as if they have won a series of hand-picked items or service bundles just for them.

Bundle together products from your business for your giveaway

6.) Grand Prize Giveaway

The word “grand prize” attracts the most attention.


Let’s pull out all the stops when you give this one a chance.  It’s time to plan a one-time freebie that will surely get your audience’s attention!

*Make sure you anticipate the reward by offering lesser prizes along the way.


This offer will increase the number of individuals participating in the contest, which benefits your online business and audience interaction.


The grand prize winner will feel even more special for winning the final reward above the others, and they will be even more eager to use your items in the future.


This opt-in will pique your audience’s curiosity, “What will the next big prize be, and how can I enter?”

7.) Daily Stuff that bears Your Logo

Giving clients your branded products is another great giveaway idea.  I personally love having my own branded products to use, so why not share this really cool stuff with my audience?  I mean, who does not like getting free stuff?


My favorites are journals, mugs, thumb drives, notepads, sweatshirts, and more.


Take this opportunity to increase audience engagement and client retention when giving away these promotional items!


Let me know in the comments below which are fan favorites for your audience or what you’re going to give a try!


Connect with your audience with self branded products for your giveaway promotions.

8.) Exclusive Giveaway

Offering limited edition products or services specific to your business  is so appealing, like hosting a raffle with a grand prize.


The goal of this giveaway is to allow your audience to have the sensation of a rare find, a gem, a well-kept secret known only to a select few—”I found the golden ticket, I found the golden ticket” ok if you are a Willie Wonka fan you know what I’m talking about.


Limited edition items appeal to customers because they provide a sense of exclusivity and urgency to opt in for.


Your limited edition items or services might be existing products with a unique feature or even a sneak peek at a new product that has not yet been introduced. This is my favorite!

9.) Check out What Your Customers Like

One giveaway option that is sometimes missed is asking your consumers what they want.


This successful tactic allows you to show a genuine side of you that you care about what your audience is into and what they want to try that you have.


It gives you suggestions on enhancing your existing giveaway contests and future ones.

These gift ideas will undoubtedly motivate you in your attempts to raise brand awareness and keep your audience and clients returning for more.


Use your company’s social media channels, pay attention to what your consumers want, and offer free stuff that can’t be ignored.


What will be your next giveaway idea?


Please share your ideas in the comments below. I can’t wait to read them. Who knows, maybe I will pick your suggestion for my next GIVEAWAY!  

I would love to see you on my other channels too. Check out my community pages @mavensocietycommunity on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for regular updates.



As a mompreneur I understand the importance in finding balance in your life and in your work
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